1. Study of the product

Within its own projecting and manufacturing departments SIMEX is able to provide for the study of the perform according to the type of container’s destination,thus considering several factors:

1.stretch / blow ratio
3.wall thickness
4.length of the perform
5.type of finish use

Processing of the preliminary drawings

1.discussion / approval

SIMEX places at its costumers’ disposal its own sample archive of preforms and finish suitable for all destination fields: Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Milk, Detergent, Oil, Cosmetics, etc.

converted PNM file

2. Engineering of injection moulds

Due to its technical office equipped with the most advanced CAD / CAM systems, SIMEX is able to project injection moulds for preforms from 1 up to 144 cavities in accordance with the most up-to-date technological standards, in order to reach the highest quality of the final product within the shortest manufacturing time requirement.

1. Technical schedule
2. Preform preliminary drawing, taking into account:

• type of injection machine
• type of perform
• type of finish
• number of cavities
• other

3. Discussion / approval
4. Preform final working drawing

• Working drawing for each detail
• Materials list
• Electrical equipment schemes
• Cooling schemes
• User’s and maintenance guide

converted PNM file

3. Engineering of injection systems

SIMEX offers the possibility of projecting injection systems especially for PET products, using following technologies:

THERMAL GATE: Without pins system,  Special nozzles, in Titanium and CuBe, reheated through thermal conduction-system,  Temperature control through the use of thermocouple “J” on Hot Runner, Electronic control unit, Warranty on all elements / CE standards.

VALVE GATE: Pneumatic pins system, Special single hot nozzle in hardened steel and CuBe,Temperature control through the use of thermocouple “J” on each single injection point and on Hot Runner, Electronic control unit, Warranty on all the elements / CE standards

The engineering phase can also be supplied as single service, independently on the manufacturing of the moulds. If necessary our technicians can carry out an inspection at the plant of our customer for possible measurements.



4. Manufacturing of moulds and injection systems

Injection moulds and injection systems are manufactured within SIMEX production department, using special and certified steels suitable for such applications. SIMEX uses selected external suppliers merely for additional fitting tasks.

SIMEX: Engineering, Manufacturing of all moulding parts: cavity, neck ring, cores etc., Dimensional quality checks, Assembling, Electrical connections.

SELECTED SUPPLIERS: SHardening heating treatment, cementation, nitriding, etc., Surface coating treatments TiN NiCr, nickelizing, hard chrome plating, Polishing and lapping, Large plates processed on SIMEX’s project, Standard normalized elements.

All mould’s components are subjected to close dimensional quality checks through the use of a certified 3D checking machine.


5. Maintenance/conversion of existing moulds

Our complete program offers the possibility of extraordinary maintenance within our production departments, combined with complete or part conversions for weight variation and/or new finish.

1. Complete dismantling of the mould
2. Inspection of all components
3. Evaluation of costs
4. New technical drawings
5. Processing of the parts and of the components for conversions
6. Replacement of the new parts
7. General maintenance of all parts of the mould
8. General maintenance of the injection system
9. Replacement of the components where necessary
10. Cleaning of the cooling circuit
11. Assembling and assistance at mould’s test


6. Quality control instruments for preforms’ testing

SIMEX manufactures and sells quality control tools for the costumers’ quality laboratories.
• Thickness variation tool control
• Axiality variation tool control
• Tools/gauges “Go No Go”
• Tools manufactured according to the drawing
• Polarizer
• Precision scale

Available manuals:
• Standard specifications of preforms’ acceptance
• Preforms’ defectiveness manual
• PET technology manual
• Preforms’ quality control manual


7. Assistance and post-sale service

SIMEX places at its customers’ disposal its technicians for:
• Carrying out of inspections by the costumer for technical discussions and possible measur ments at the beginning of the project
• Assistance through our high specialized technicians during the inspection test of the production moulds
• Post-sale assistance during the whole warranty period
• Assistance of various kind on costumer’s request at prices according to the Ucimu/Assocomaplast rates. All the terms are to agree upon