1. Design and analysis of the product

Simexdesign develops the product on the basis of the costumer’s idea satisfying the requested parameters. It is possible a cooperation through graphical drawings chosen by the customer or suggested by SIMEX, starting from:

1. capacity
2. shape
3. content type
4. design
5. possible marketing targets

Presentation of the preliminary drawings

1. discussion
2. possible corrections

Presentation of the final drawings

converted PNM file

2. Engineering and industrialization of the product

Development of 2D and 3D technical drawings edited by advanced CAD systems.
Engineering and industrialization of the product according to specific technical parameters:

• final weight requested
• specifications requested
• Type of blow moulding machine
• Type of filling line
• Optimization of the product
• Research of the best compromise between design and industrial production
• Theoretical volumetric calculations
• Mechanical calculation by FEM if requested
• Discussion
• Possible corrections
• Development of the technical working drawing after the costumer’s approval for production


3. Engineering of blow moulds

SIMEX projects in its technical office blow moulds suitable for every blow moulding machine.

Rotating machines: Sidel,Sipa,Krones, Krupp-Sig, SMI e altre
Linear machines: Sipa, Siapi, ADS, DynaBlow, Krones e altre

Engineering can be also delivered separately from the moulds’ manufacture.

If necessary our technicians can carry out an inspection at the plant of the customer for possible measurements.

Engineering phase is comprehensive of final drawings edited in conformity with UNI standards.


4. Prototype of moulds and containers

SIMEX can manufacture a pilot and/or advanced blow mould and can provide for small batch productions of the final container before it is approved by the costumer. The containers will be manufactured by the usage of laboratory machine KRUPP LBO 1, that is able to simulate as well as possible the performances of the production machine.

• Manufacture of the advanced blow mould
• Prototypes’ blowing
• Industrial and physical tests
• Possible modifications or corrections
• Approval
• Manufacture of production moulds

The prototypes blown through the laboratory machine will show the same features of the containers which are manufactured by the production machine.
Anyway SIMEX does not assure the same performances, thus it marks the tests made on the containers just as “indicative”.


5. Physical and industrial tests

Following tests can be made by the SIMEX laboratory within the costs of the moulds manufacture:

1. dimensional test
2. volumetric test
3. top load test
4. weight
5. comparative test toward existing products

Physicochemical permeability, release tests and others can be made by independent laboratories and the service will be estimated at cost price.

Processing of the results
Highlighting of defects
Possible solutions

Stampi di soffiaggio_2

6. Blow moulds manufacture

The production moulds are completely manufactured within SIMEX production unit in order to assure the highest secrecy of the project until it will be placed on the market.

The moulds are manufactured in accordance with the original standards and through the use of selected materials, which are processed by the most advanced CNC machine tools. The connection between the final project of the container and the construction of the moulds is assured by the use of CAM systems.

The direct transmission of the data through the Ethernet system line from the technical office to the tool machine assures the highest reliability, thus reducing every kind of mistake to the minimum.


7. Assistance and post-sale service

SIMEX places at its customers’ disposal its technicians for:

• Carrying out of inspections by the costumer for technical discussions and possible measur ments at the beginning of the project
• Assistance through our high specialized technicians during the inspection test of the production moulds
• Post-sale assistance during the whole warranty period
• Assistance of various kind on costumer’s request at prices according to the Ucimu/Assocomaplast rates. All the terms are to agree upon